Makati is the financial district of the Philippines but it also has a rich history that can still be visited till this day not to mention a lot of good restaurants around the city.

Old Manila will always be timeless when it comes to food and history. A day of visiting here will not only take you down the memory lane but will also make your stomach full.

This E-tinerary is a good date idea if you want to explore and see Manila and Makati in a different view.


  1. The best time to go there is during the weekdays except Mondays because most of the museum are closed. Avoid going there around the BER months because traffic.
  2. Go in groups especially if you plan to have a food trip in Binondo so you can split the cost and taste most of the foods.
  3. You can interchange Manila and Makati as entry point.


  1. Bring extra cloths, drinking bottle and wear rubber shoes.
  2. Prepare to walk around, Binondo and Intramuros is best experience while walking.
  3. Be open to try foods that are unusual to you and learn the history and story of the places you will be visiting.
  4. Be mindful of your belongings.

Tiktok videos here:

Manila to Makati via Pasig River

Yuchengco Museum



  • Breakfast
  • Escolta
  • Pasig ferry ride
  • Lunch
  • Museo ng Makati
  • Yunchengco Museum
  • Dinner
  • Ayala Triangle Light show

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